A Visitor from Cyprus

I have just returned from a wonderful evening together with a fellow Orthodox Christian.  Yesterday I received an email from Alexandros Lordos.  Alexandros is from Cyprus and is in Nepal for only 1 week on a short work project here in Kathmandu (he teaches at one of the universities in Cyprus) .  I had been referred to him by the fathers of the Machairas monastery in Cyprus.  Some years ago I was in Cyprus to give talks on evangelism and mission work and visited the monastery.  For those of you who have read the book “The Mountain Silence” you will be familiar with Metropolitan Athanasios (in the book he is called “Maximos”).  Metropolitan Athanasios is responsible for having renewed the Machairas monastery when he returned to Cyprus from Mt. Athos.  The fathers gave me such a warm reception and after speaking with them for a time, as one they all walked me and Presbytera Marilyn and my sister Xenia to our car.  We were so blessed by their love and hospitality that we didn’t want to part from them and I have longed to return to them for a longer visit.

Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of Alexandros.  These were taken during a previous visit.

Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of Alexandros. These were taken during a previous visit.

Cheenos cafe 1So through their kindness, Alexander was able to contact me here and we arranged to meet this evening at Cheenos Cafe.  I typically eat at Cheenos about once a month as a treat.  I have always gone in the afternoon to Cheenos so this was the first time to eat dinner there.  After being seated at our table outdoors and talking for a bit, I glanced around and saw that sitting at a nearby table was my fellow American, Fr. Cap Miller.  Fr. Cap is a Jesuit priest here in KTM and has lived here for over 50 years.  He is in his 80’s now yet amazingly energetic.  I went to the table to greet him (he had just returned from a visit to the USA) and he introduced me to his two companions, Fr. Lawrence, a priest from India, and Charles, a layman from the West.  When I returned to our table, Alexandros jokingly said “so you’re meeting people you know here.  You’re part of the local scene!”  Ha.

Words can’t express what a blessing it was to have  a couple of hours with my fellow Orthodox believer.  Even though we were meeting for the first time, and although we come from different countries, nevertheless we immediately felt our unity in Faith and the love of Christ.  The time with Alexandros made clear to me just how starved I am for Orthodox Christian fellowship.  I realize as well that for this mission to be established and survive, there has to be a team of Orthodox here even if only on a short term revolving basis.

So both Alexandros and I are determined to try to help others catch the vision of participating in mission work here in Nepal.  We would like people to think about the amazing opportunity of being a part of establishing the first Orthodox church in a Hindu nation.  It is not often that one can be a part of establishing the Orthodox Church for the first time in a country.  Fr. Daniel Byantoro has accomplished such a work in Indonesia.  More recently the first Orthodox churches have been established in Pakistan.  We now have the opportunity to do the same here in Nepal.  It is not something I can do alone.  As our Lord Jesus exhorted his Apostles, “Pray the Lord of the harvest that he would send workers into the harvest.” – Fr. S.

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Prayer Requests

In the past 2 days I have received 2 emails from Nepali Christians telling me of organized attacks and increasing persecution of Christians here in Nepal and in Kathmandu in particular.  Recently a famous Nepali singer who converted to Christianity was subject to attacks here in KTM because of her refusal to sing Hindu songs in praise of various gods and goddesses.  Pastors are also coming under attack.  For this reason, two days ago a large group of believers in the city gathered together to pray for God’s help in the midst of this rising persecution.

The recent attacks, by the way, are coming not from the Maoists, but from Hindu groups who are committed to driving Christians out of Nepal and reestablishing the nation as a Hindu Kingdom.  One Nepali friend wrote to me “Especially foreigners like you getting involved in evangelism have to be very very cautious what approaches you take . . .”

Please remember to pray for Christians in Nepal.  May God protect them and grant them his blessing.  Please pray also that the Lord will give me wisdom in how to proceed with mission work here.

I also ask your prayers as I travel next week to Greece.  A Priest friend has provided a ticket for me and asked me to show him around Thessaloniki and Mt. Athos.  I will be there for 2 months and will return to Nepal November 18.  Through your prayers, may the Lord guide me and protect me. – Fr. S.

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Orthodox Life

Cover of most recent issue

Cover of most recent issue

Many of you may not know about Holy Trinity Monastery’s (ROCOR) publication Orthodox Life.  It is an English language journal published six times a year which “provides inspiring but practical articles on the spiritual life, contemporary moral issues, practical matters of church life, and theological questions, as well as book reviews.”

The September issue is now available.  It includes a small article by me about the Orthodox Mission in Nepal.  For those of you familiar with this blog, there is nothing new, however, the other articles will be of interest to you.  Should want more information about it see here: http://www.holytrinitypublications.com/Subscribe


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