China Connection

As I was putting away my carryon baggage on the flight from Guangzhou, China, to Manila in the Philippines, a young man, with a big cheery smile, sat down in the window seat of my row.  I was in the aisle seat, and no one in the middle.  He smiled broadly and we greeted each other.  As the plane idled on the runway, he introduced himself, a young businessman from Huinan.  He then asked, “You are a Christian?”   Yes.  “A Christian Pastor?”  Yes.  “Is it polite to ask you some questions?”  Yes, of course, that’s fine.

He was overjoyed and said never did he imagine that he would meet a foreign Christian Pastor and be able to sit and ask him questions.  He explained that he had been brought up in a Communist Marxist environment and had “no Buddha, no Jesus, no Allah.  I have nothing.”  But he often felt empty, and uncertain about the future since he was without any belief.

Then he related a story of his youth, when as a university student he visited Dubai.  There he met “an old Christian” who spoke to him about Jesus and gave him “some Christian writings.”  He said “I don’t know why, but suddenly I became very very angry, and I threw the writings away and walked off in my anger.  Why?  I don’t know.  But after awhile I calmed down and then I felt very sad that I had done that.  I felt badly that I had offended the old Christian.  I wanted to tell him I’m sorry, but I didn’t.  That experience has troubled me for many many years.  I try to forget it, but I can’t.  Now I see you, and it all comes back to me.  I shouldn’t have done that.  I should have said I’m sorry.  But I didn’t and then it was too late.  But I’m telling you because you are a Christian.  So now I say to you, I’m sorry.  (And looking deeply into my eyes, with pain of heart and sincerity, he repeated) I’m sorry.

Then he sat back in his seat.  The smile returned to his face and he said “Oh I feel so good.  I feel so good right now.  Thank you.”

Continuing to ask me questions about the Faith, after awhile he said with a smile, “it’s dangerous for me to talk to you.  I think in a little while you will make me a Christian.”  He gave me his email address and asked me several times to please write to him.  He still has lots of questions and he is going to return to his home and speak of all of this to his wife.

He has taken the Western name of “Jim.”  Pray with me that God will enlighten his heart with the knowledge of the Truth.

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3 Responses to China Connection

  1. fr. silouan says:

    That was a beautiful little story Father, thank you for sharing it. We continue to pray for your work and will add Jim to the list. f.s.

  2. dmitri says:

    Father Seraphim, these are great stories. Thank you and glory to God.

  3. Xenia Yohannan says:

    Glad you made it safely . . . Frank and I are really enjoying your posts.
    Remember to hydrate (with bottled or boiled H20)!

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