Dn. Silouan training cantors

Here is a short video of Dn. Silouan teaching “Lord I Call” in Tone 8 to some of the chanters.  It has helped tremendously that Fr. Silouan can speak a little of their language, and is able to read it very well.  They really enjoy hearing him throw out a word or two now and again.  It usually is followed by their peals of laughter, some nearly falling off their chairs.

Dn. Silouan and cantors


2 thoughts on “Dn. Silouan training cantors

  1. xenia Yohannan

    This is wonderful! How happy St John must be . . . keep up the good work and my God’s blessings rain down upon you! Love hearing Dn/Fr Silouan’s voice in any language! Glory to God!


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