Philippines Update

You will recall that not long ago, the home of Fr. Philip and his sister, Nina, was ransacked and robbed.  The thieves were known, but disappeared.  I just received an email from Fr. Philip of a second and more serious crime against the family by one of the same men.  He writes in part:

Just to update you, just this afternoon one of the robbers returned at my sister’s house with a new companion but this time our neighbors locked the door and the robbers were trapped inside; the problem is Chrysostom was there resting because he is sick and was taken as hostage for more than two hours. By the prayers of the Holy Mother of God and St.John of Shanghai and San Fransisco, Chrysostom was freed safely and the two robbers were apprehended.

Thank God for his protection and deliverance of young Chrysostom.  Please remember this family in your prayers.  There are still other members of the group of thieves at large and the family is under a constant threat of attack.  May God continue to keep them in His caring embrace. – Fr.S.

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