Inquirers Meetings

Dear Friends,264 - Lars Ole Wolter.JPGTomorrow, Friday, I leave the Kathmandu valley for the weekend.  I am traveling to the city of Bharatpur near Chitwan National Park.  It’s not for a holiday, but rather to meet with a small group of people who are inquiring about Orthodoxy.  The invitation first came from Dr. Usha Maharjan a few weeks ago while she and her sister were visiting with me here in Kathmandu.  As I understand it, the group will be a mixture of Christian and Hindu people.  Please pray that God grants me wisdom and discernment in what I share, and for safety in my travels – Fr. S.

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4 Responses to Inquirers Meetings

  1. Matthew Roberts says:

    Father, bless. That is such good news!! May your journey be blessed and fruitful!! You are in my prayers daily, unworthy as they are.

  2. fr. silouan says:

    Good Evening Father, Thank you again for keeping us informed. Our prayers and our love go with you. f.s.

  3. May the Lord bless your missionary efforts with great success, dear Father Seraphim. You will be in our prayers.

  4. deacon George says:

    Dear father, may God make Your journey fruitful!

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