Back to Kathmandu!

On Thursday Feb. 13, my dear wife, Presbytera Marilyn (Mary) and I left the frigid Northwest, flying out of Seattle to Seoul, Korea.  From there we flew to Bangkok, and then finally on to Kathmandu, arriving here on Saturday.  It is Presbytera’s first visit to Nepal.  She has helped me to start 4 churches over the years in California and Washington and now is the first person to come to Nepal to help me establish a mission in Kathmandu.

Pres. Marilyn is on the left speaking with a friend.

Pres. Marilyn is on the left speaking with a friend.

Many people have expressed a desire to come and help me, but until now, no one has actually followed through.  Marilyn was concerned about me not having any liturgies especially during Great Lent and Pascha, so she decided to spend 4 and half months here with me and be my chanter.   It was a blessing to serve Matins together Sunday morning, which happened to be the Feast Day of St. Nicholas of Japan, a saint whose life is a great encouragement and example to me.

St. Nicholas of Japan

St. Nicholas of Japan

Later on Sunday, we had the joy of meeting up with a fellow Russian Orthodox priest and his daughter who were visiting Nepal together.  They were a great blessing to us just by their presence, but they also made a very generous donation to the mission work here, for which I’m very grateful.  I hope they will return.

Patan's Durbar Square Entrance

Patan’s Durbar Square Entrance

Patan Sq Temple complex

Patan Sq Temple complex

The inner court of the Golden Temple near Durbar Square

The inner court of the Golden Temple near Durbar Square

While walking to the ancient Durbar Square in Patan to meet our visitors, a young Nepali man passed by and spoke to us.  I wasn’t sure at first what he said, but as he stopped to speak to us in English, he told us that he was a Christian.  Pointing to my cross he said “I saw your Cross.  I am a Pastor and I have a fellowship which we call “Return to the Cross.”  His Christian name is Silas.  He repeatedly mentioned that seeing my cross he knew I was a Christian and that he was encouraged to see this sign of the Cross.  He gave me his email address and asked me to come and speak to his small group about an hour outside of Kathmandu.  Marilyn and I later reflected on the fact that had I been in “street clothes” instead of my cassock and Cross, he would never have even noticed us.  It’s too bad that there are so many of our priests who only wear the cassock inside the walls of the parish church.  They are depriving themselves of many opportunities for evangelism and for encouraging their fellow Christians out in the world. – Fr. S.

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7 Responses to Back to Kathmandu!

  1. Mark Nagy says:

    Continued blessings on your service to our Lord.

    We miss you both and pray for your work to be fruitful.

  2. Vivy n says:

    Hi father , i need to b in contact any tel no b cos i ll b in nepal to serve God . May God bless yr sevice .

  3. Lucia Garner says:

    Dear Fr. Seraphim,

    I am so overjoyed to hear that Pres. Marilyn went back with you to Nepal! Glory to God! She will be a great benefit to you personally and to the building of the Church there. I have no doubt! This is such good news. John and I are so pleased.

    Please keep us in your prayers. And give her my love too.

    Love in Christ,


  4. Anna Gruse says:

    I’m very happy you both arrived safely. You are in our prayers.

    The Gruses

  5. Charitina & Stephen says:

    Lord have mercy and encourage you with joy of the Lord which is your strength. Now and always Glory to God ! Pray for us sinners. Love in Christ, Stephen & Charitina

  6. Sorin says:

    I was worried too about not been able to attend to the Holy Liturgy. I’m really happy that thanks to your wife you will able to atend to the Holy Liturgy. I find really wonderfull that together you fight to bring the Gospel in Nepal. My prayers are with your mission.

  7. Fr. Radu Lazar says:

    Hi. Fr. Seraphim,

    I am fr. Radu from România. I praf for ur mission. We met long time ago in Cluj when u were here with shaly and Zen. Perhpse u remember. But enyway i praf for misionar sanda missions. I hope one dau to ne a missionar too.

    In Christ fr.radu from Cluj, România

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