Divine Liturgy in Nepal

It was in the autumn of 2007 that Fr. Silouan Thompson and I travelled to Kathmandu, as a followup to my trip here in 2006.  That was my second visit to the city and Fr. Silouan’s first.  Together we served the first Orthodox Divine Liturgy for Nepali people (a liturgy for employees of the Russian Embassy at the embassy itself may have been served prior to our liturgy, but I’m not sure about that.  The liturgy we served however was certainly the first served in the city among Nepalis).

This morning, 23 February 2014, with the help of Presbytera Marilyn, I once again served the Divine Liturgy here in Kathmandu.  What a blessing to know that, God willing, we will be able to have liturgies throughout Great Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha.  It is a bit awkward doing this in the apartment, but I’m grateful that we can have the liturgy and Holy Communion at all.

The Gospel for the Sunday of the Last Judgement.

The Gospel for the Sunday of the Last Judgement.

At the Great Entrance.

At the Great Entrance.

Commemorations at the Great Entrance.

Commemorations at the Great Entrance.

Glory to God Who has allowed us to partake of the medicine of immortality here in Nepal. – Fr. S.

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3 Responses to Divine Liturgy in Nepal

  1. Stephen & Charitina Carter says:

    Glory to God for His long-suffering. Glory to God !
    Pray for us sinners.
    With Love in Christ,
    Stephen & Charitina Carter

  2. Lucia Garner says:

    Hi Fr. Seraphim and Mt. Marilyn,
    Are you serving Liturgy in your own apartment? Did anyone come besides the two of you? I know that Christ is present in the sacraments, whether or not other people are present. May your work be blessed!

    Love in Christ,


  3. Justin Chantel says:

    Fr. Seraphim,

    Bless! It is wonderful that the Divine Liturgy is now being served in Nepal. I think back to something that Fr. Gerasim once said many years ago about the seeds from Walla Walla being spread all over the place. I am encouraged when I recall all of those who have been spiritually formed here and how so many have entered the field to work the harvest in Alaska, Washington, Pennsylvania, Louisianan, Nepal and soon to be the Philippines…I’m sure this is not the whole list. Thank you for all your many years of service to the Kingdom of God and I pray you and Presbytera, Marilyn a good struggle this Lenten season! Remember us in your prayers as we remember you.


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