Travelers from the East


Biso on my right, Khal on my left.

Biso on my right, Khal on my left.

This past weekend we were visited by two young men from the Middle East.  Biso is a Coptic Christian from Cairo, Egypt, and Khalil is a Christian in the Syriac Orthodox Church from . . . well several places.  He is originally from Lebanon, but lived for many years in Canada.   He also spent many months in monasteries in Egypt (including St. Anthony’s monastery) and during one of his stays, was introduced to Biso.  Biso lived and worked in missions for 2 years in South Africa.  Together they have been traveling in Nepal in search of opportunities for Christian ministry.  Biso will be returning soon to Cairo for Pascha and hopes to come back to Nepal after that.  Khal will remain here in Nepal.  Hopefully we will see both of them again during their time here. – Fr.S.

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  1. Stephen & Charitina says:

    How encouraging for you all. God is so good !

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