“It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood” – (Mr. Rogers)

Block partyHaving finally recovered from food poisoning and a sprained ankle, Bright Week has been a joy.  We went out today to run some errands and then walked home through the neighborhood block party that local merchants have put together.

Two communities, Jawalakhel and Kumaripati joined together to put on the party.  We live in Kumaripati.  In addition to the many booths put up by merchants and restaurants (the food smells great!), there was a live appearance of the Kumari herself!

The living goddess, Kumari

The living goddess, Kumari

The Kumari is a living goddess.   (Actually there are 3 Kumaris in the Kathmandu valley, one of which is here in Kumaripati itself).  Through various rituals, a child is revealed to be the living goddess, Kumari.  She remains a goddess until she reaches puberty and then is replaced by the next incarnation of the goddess.  Life can be hard for the young girls after they are displaced.  Who wants to marry a former goddess?  There are many sad stories of about these former goddesses.

On a more positive note, even Angry Bird showed up for the big day in Kumaripati!

Clown festival
However, the best part of today was the Feast of the Life Giving Spring.  Happy Feast Day to all of you. – Fr.S.

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3 Responses to “It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood” – (Mr. Rogers)

  1. Anna Gruse says:

    Christ is Risen! So glad you are feeling better. What interesting pictures. Life is so very different there. God Bless you and Marilyn, Love, The Gruses

  2. Fr. Radu says:

    Christ is Risen!

    Hi fr. Seraphim, i think is Berry hard for u and the gospel to rich these peoples who are So strong in pagans practices. I will continu to pray for u and ur mission and may Lord Jesus send to you the folks who are interested in Truth. The Next wensday will be the day when i will pray and Fast totaly for u and ur mission.

    The Eternal God and the olny One may blass u!

    In Christ fr.radu from Cluj, romania

  3. Dan Agulian says:

    Can you say ‘Jawalakhal?’ Sure, I knew you could. (Mr. Rogers)
    Indeed He is Risen! You and Marylyn are in my prayers.

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