Temple Guardians

Temple guardian 4

Within walking distance of our flat, there are numerous shrines and temples.  I am always struck by the fantastical figures of the temple guardians.  Below are some pictures of guardians from various nearby temples and shrines.Temple guardian 1Temple guardian 3 Temple guardian 5

Temple guardian 6Temple guardian 7Temple guardian 8Temple guardian 9

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  1. You are witness and ambassador to the One True God ; humbly be warned that you are Not to turn one’s attention to idolatry (Lev. 19:4) , the counterfeit. Glory to God ! and to Him only ! Lord , have mercy. amen. Pray for us, we pray for you. Love in Christ, Stephen & Charitina

    • Dear Friends, I’m sorry if you were offended by this latest post of mine. Sharing my life here in Nepal is part of what this blog is about. Being that I am in Nepal, it will no doubt include many statements about and pictures of the Nepali life, and that means, Hinduism and Buddhism. There is no escaping it. This is not about turning one’s attention to idolatry (let alone anything to do with Lev. 19!!), but rather being present in this country. I go where the people are, and I go as an Orthodox priest. Just as in Greece there are Orthodox churches on every corner, so here there are temples on every corner, and shrines every few hundred yards. I enjoy going to the temple areas because I find many spiritually minded people there, and they are open and curious to know about me and my beliefs. It is also an important learning experience for me. It helps me to see and learn how to inculturate the Gospel in this country; to learn what can be included and what must be set aside. There are already many Protestant missionaries here who reject with disgust everything about the Nepali life and religion, and as a consequence, they turn away most Nepalis. That is not my calling, neither is it the Orthodox way. Reflect for a moment that St. Nicholas of Japan spent much time in Buddhist monasteries and one of his closest friends in Japan was a Buddhist monk and abbot. – Fr.S.

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