Feast of Pentecost

AltarThis morning Divine Liturgy was served here for the Feast of Pentecost.  Pentecost recalls the Lord sending the Holy Spirit upon his disciples.  It commemorates the birth of the Church.

With us this morning was Kirollos, a Coptic Orthodox Christian from Egypt.  Kirollos is the third Coptic Christian to visit me here in Kathmandu in the past four months.  The Coptic Christians are keen to start a church here in Nepal.  These 3 young men are zealous for their faith and desire to give their time and expenses toward mission work.  The problem for them so far is that they are unable to find a Coptic priest who is willing to come here to plant a church.

How ironic for me.  Here I am a priest, desiring to plant an Orthodox church here in Kathmandu, but as yet, there are no other Orthodox willing to join the effort of church planting in this country.

Sadly, the Coptic Church is not in communion with the Orthodox Churches and so these young men and I are not able to work together toward the same goal.  I pray that our own Orthodox churches will raise up men and women willing to “go and make disciples of all the nations. . .”  Their help is needed here in this Hindu country.  May God hear my prayer and grant his blessing. – Fr.S.

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  1. elizabeth s. says:

    Fr Bless,
    Our sanctuary was decorated with these beautiful long boughs of . . . well first let me say: when we started the Church in WW, I fell in love with those beautiful salmon-colored dogwood that bloomed in the spring. I went to the nursery later in the summer to buy three for planting on the parking strip. The following year I was so disappointed to find that the trees were not salmon they were white and not only that, they were a different variety. The blossoms came later, after the leaves and not before. My only consolation was that they bloomed twice a season instead of the one time like the salmon ones. As you know we sold the house to the Lizottes (Orthodox themselves). Anthony has a great love for Pentacost and decorates the Church each year. Now here we are fourteen years later, and lo and behold . . . giant boughs of greenery festooned with white crosses (blossoms) all over the sanctuary. They are absolutely perfect. What I thought wasn’t right, God prepared for a time in the future when it would be perfect. His plan, His timing . . . I feel so blessed to be there to see it. Perhaps your men are white dogwood . . . God knows. We miss you, elizabeth

  2. amen and amen, ,, By your prayers, John Buckley

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