Nepal Update

Those of you who have been so supportive of my mission in Nepal will be happy to know that there is some promising news. A few weeks ago, Dr. Usha Maharjan contacted me and asked me how one becomes an Orthodox nun and whether or not I had a monastery in Nepal. It was a bittersweet email for me since I had been forced to leave Nepal due to poor health. But I rejoiced at her desire to learn more about Orthodoxy. Through friends in Greece, we have arranged for an invitation for her to spend a couple of months at a convent in that country. The Abbess has invited her to stay at the monastery, to study in the library and to speak with the nuns, many of whom speak English, as does Usha. Please pray that the necessary visa is extended to Usha and that The Lord will open the doors for her to go to Greece and to learn about the Orthodox Faith. I will keep you updated as the situation develops. May God give his blessing. -Fr.S.

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4 Responses to Nepal Update

  1. This is wonderful and encouraging news! May God direct her steps, and may He bring health, grace and peace to you, dear Fr. Seraphim.

  2. janie pyle (Magdalena) says:

    what wonderful news

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Amazing news – and proof that your labour wasn’t in vain, Fr Seraphim.

  4. michaela says:

    That is awesome. And it’s encouraging that we never know what our past efforts will bring in the years ahead in God’s timing.

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