Nepal Earthquake Update

Dear Friends,

Shortly after the earthquake hit, Usha contacted me via Skype. Fortunately she is safe at the monastery in Greece until late May. She is doing well and learning a great deal about Orthodoxy and monasticism.

The major damage from the earthquake took place in my old neighborhood in Patan. Ancient temples were destroyed. That part of the city was covered in a huge dust cloud. It will cause a great deal of suffering for the many people with respiratory ailments.

I was able to contact my former tutor, Umesh. He and his family are safe. Next I contacted my former landlady, Aruna. She and her family are also safe. They have been sleeping out in the street for the past 2 nights because it is still not safe to enter the buildings. The first day, there were aftershocks every few minutes, including one that was about 6.3, a major earthquake itself. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make contact with others, like Amanda, Mariam and her family (who lives in Bhaktapur which was also seriously damaged), and Fr. Capp.

The problem now is the lack of food and water and sanitation. Because of the narrow streets and the many fallen buildings and telephone poles, etc., deliveries cannot be made. It will be a long time of recovery and a very difficult time for a nation that already struggles on a daily basis. May God have mercy on them through your prayers. – Fr.S.

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  1. Susan Johnson says:

    Thank you Father for updating us on the welfare of your friends in Nepal. Ever since the earthquake I have been thinking about you and how God led you to work in Nepal for a time. I am thankful that your lungs are not suffering from all that dust. Please keep us informed so that we can pray. Glory to God for all things.

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